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Located midway between Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton, the community of Mountaintop has always been an attractive getaway from the city offering fresh air, numerous streams and beautiful views. Early in its development, the occupations were mostly railroad, farming, lumber and/or ice harvesting. The Mountaintop area is comprised of five townships and one borough. In the beginning and into the 1940s. Fairview Township was the hub of the community due to its proximity to the railroads and the transportation it offered. In the 1940s, the area began to become a suburban community to Wilkes-Barre with a new highway Route 309 built through the center of Mountaintop making the automobile a friendly mode of transportation. In the mid 1950s, the first industrial park to be built in Luzerne County was located in Mountaintop, which greatly influenced its growth and attractiveness.

As the Mountaintop area was growing, in the late 1930s, the need for a Fire Department became obvious. The first Fire Department in Mountaintop was formed in 1939, which was located in Fairview Township and was named the Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1. The Fire Company initially served the entire Mountaintop area until the other townships formed their own fire departments by the mid 1950s.

The first fire truck was a 1939 Ford with a Buffalo Hale Body. The fire truck was housed at the Municipal Buildings of the Township. In the late 1950?s a new municipal building was purchased and the fire truck was relocated to the basement garage in the building. In 1963 the Ford was replaced with an America LaFrance T50GPM/500 GWT pumper.

In the early 1970s, the Hose Company recognized the need for its own building. The new building would provide more space for vehicles and equipment. A two-acre parcel was purchased which overlooked the entire Mountaintop area and also eliminated any major uphill grades or railroad crossings in the response routes. An industrious building campaign was conducted and the new building was dedicated on February 23, 1975, finally providing the Fire Company with its own home, providing a modern 4 bay building, meeting room and kitchen.

With the completion of the new building, the space was created for more vehicles. Two open cab 1940s pumpers were purchased, one a Seagraves and one a Ward. These trucks served the Hose Company until a new Ford/Grumman pumper late in 1979. In 1980, the Hose Company was ?loaned? a Jeep Mash truck through the State that converted to an equipment truck. As the community was growing, the Hose Company recognized the need to provide a rescue service. In 1982 a Chevrolet utility body Wheeled Coach rescue was purchased to carry the Jaws of Life and other rescue tools. In 1984 a community wide fund drive was conducted to replace the 63 American LaFrance. A goal of $10,000 was set and over $25,000 was raised with well over an 80% participation rate. A 1985 Kenworth FMC 1250 GPM/1000GWT Pumper was purchased. In 1988, in an effort to meet ISO recommendations and in response to provide for a rapidly growing community, the Fire Company undertook another truck campaign to add a third pumper. A goal of $25,000 was set. Over $41,000 was raised, again with over 80% participation. A 1989 Pierce Dash 1250 GPM/1000 GWT pumper was purchased. In 1992 the Hose Company replaced its rescue and equipment trucks with a custom built 16? walk in Pierce Rescue on an International chassis.

Through the 1990s and into the 2000s, the Hose Company has been able to replace all of its vehicles. In 1993 a Pierce Dash 1750 GPM/1000GWT replaced the Grumman, in 1997 a Pierce Dash 1750 GPM/1000 GWT replaced the Kenworth and in 2001 a Pierce Dash 1750 GPM/1000 GWT with a Hercules Compressed Air Foam System replaced the ?89 Pierce. In the fall of 2003, a contract was signed to order a Pierce Dash 22 non-walk in custom rescue to be delivered in May 2004.

The Hose Company has been extremely successful in raising funds with its current population of 4,000 residents and our 150 businesses in the township. The Hose Company works constantly to maintain a respected public image in the Community and twice a year issues a Newsletter names Between Alarms that is mailed to the entire township

The Hose Company funding comes from three major sources. An Annual Bazaar is held the 3rd weekend in July at the permanent facility that has been built behind the Firehouse on the grounds. The Bazaar is staffed and run by members with just a few outside vendors permitted, which makes the Bazaar very profitable from year to year. The Bazaar is a family oriented event and turns out people from the entire area. An Annual Fund Drive is conducted in April and May, which enjoys about a 65% return.

The Hose Company has established and maintains an excellent relationship with the township supervisors. The township contributes $8,200.00 annually to the Fire Company and also assists the Hose Company with the cost of utilities and insurance for its vehicles. In additions, the Hose Company receives funds from two private foundations, some smaller fundraisers, some rental income and other donations throughout the year.

The Hose Company stretches its dollars many fold. Members do all of the necessary maintenance repairs to the buildings, grounds, vehicles and equipment. New roofs, bazaar ground additions, all mailings are done by members so there is only the cost for materials in all that they do.

The Hose Company has enjoyed the stability of having the same Fire Chief, President and Treasurer over the past 20 years all of whose leadership has enhanced its operation and helped maintain its excellent community pride and esteem. Additionally, the core group of members has remained fairly content over the same period, with everyone working together for the betterment of the Hose Company.
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